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May 4, 2018

Simple Gardening Tips

Gardening can be hard work. All that digging, weeding, watering and fertilizing only to end up with dead plants every year.

Here are some tips to help you with a healthy lawn this season.


Planning a Design

Start off small, plant some pots that are easy to maintain. Once you get more comfortable, taking care of them becomes a habit then go big.
Create a layout that is easy to look after.

Less is more

Keeping things simple is always the best especially when you have limited time or energy.  Only set up a few pots that you like so you can finish sooner. No one likes a delayed law project.

Pick the right Plants

Finding plants that are low maintenance can be a huge benefit when you’re a busy person.  Start off with easy-to-grow edibles like lettuce that only take a limited amount of time to grow.

No-dig Gardens

Sometimes it’s best to avoid digging in order to plant. Try using raised beds, containers or straw bale gardens. This will help avoid any problems with soil or weeds that might contaminate your plants with pests.

Feed your Soil, Not your Plants

You can save money by taking care of the soil. Green manures, cover crops, worm castings, compost and mulches all break down to create rich soil which then helps grow healthy plants.

Work with Nature

Having a busy backyard might come in handy. All those insects, native birds, and soil microbes can lend a hand in helping your garden grow. Predator insects and birds keep pest insects and rodents under control.


Adding a layer mulch can save time and money. It helps keep out weeds, improves soil and prevents erosion.

Water Smart

Watering your garden doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Self-watering pots, wicking beds, upside-down plastic bottle drip systems, swales and soaker hoses are just a few options you can try.



These are just some tips to help you grown an easy trouble free garden. 


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April 27, 2018

Give your home a makeover

Is it time to change up the colors in your home? With the summer right around the corner, painting walls and adding some new décor can give your home the makeover it needs.


Here are some 2018 Design trends you can use.

Floral Patterns are back

This timeless décor pattern can always freshen up the look of your home if used correctly. May it be on walls or pillow covers, floral patterns can make your home feel brighter.


Copper Accents

Metallic colors are in for 2018. The reds and orange tones around your home can give it an earthy hue.


Black & White

Black and white is another design trend that will never go out of style. The visual contrast of black and white provides a sense of balance and boldness in your home.


Tonal Reds

Warmer tones will be in for this year. Tonal red is a great way to add complimenting contrast while also providing the warmth that makes your home more inviting.

Concrete Accents

With an earthy trend for 2018, concrete is another material that provides a crisp, clean look. Not only for countertops but also for tiles is becoming very popular.


70’s Chic

Many old designs such as velvet, geometric patterns and bright colors are coming back into trend.  70’s chic décor is all warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. Styles like these will give your home an amazing personality.


Agate Wallpaper

2017 was the year when wallpaper was coming back into trend as this continues for 2018 Agate wallpaper can create a splash of colors in any room.


Natural Elements

2017 was a trend for tech-obsessed décor whereas 2018 is moving more towards natural elements.  Materials like stone, copper, granite, and concrete are earthy looks you want to go for.




Find out more trends at:

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April 9, 2018

Upcoming Rental Developments

Are you thinking about Renting instead of Buying? 

Victoria has a lot of new rental projects that are starting this year. This is good news for anyone looking to rent instead of purchasing. 

There are a lot of new projects that are currently being purposed to the city. Some vacant lots are finally in the approval process with construction starting as early as the end of this year.

A vacant land on the corner of Hillside and Cook which use to be a gas station is now in the works of being turned into a 46 unit apartment complex. 1301 Hillside Ave. This building will offer a mix of Studio, One-bedroom and Two bedrooms suites with parking for up to 25 vehicles. 

The 13,400 square foot property has been vacant for over 10 years for remediation and clean up. Once rezoning and the development are approved by the City of Victoria, construction could start as early as next year with completion by 2020-2021.

The push behind this development is by Nvision Properties which has multiple rental developments throughout the Capital Region. In addition, Nvision Properties is also pushing to develop another six-story, 78-unit building at the corner of Shelbourne st and McKenzie Ave in Saanich. Also on land that was formerly occupied by a gas station. This could be underway by next year.
On the south side of Saanich, Nvsion has already begun construction on 433 Boleskine Rd, a five-story rental building comprised of 95 units. Occupancy is expected by early-to-mid 2019. 

Nvison Properties is just one of the property development companies that are pushing to build more rental developments.
Click the link below to get a list of all new rental developments happening in Victoria.





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March 29, 2018

Prep your Home for Spring


The smell of spring cleaning is in the air, which means it’s time to get out the gardening tools, take the covers off the lawn furniture and clean the barbeque grill for those warm summer days. 

Here are a few things you should add to your spring cleaning list.

Cleaning Gutters

Grab a ladder, some gloves and a hose. Check your gutter for any leaves or debris left from fall and winter. Remove as much as you can with your hand and spray down the rest with the hose.  

Scrub any Exterior walls


Using and brush and a hose, find any moss and scrub it off any exterior walls. Usually, walls around trees of bushes can have moss build up making them look faded and old. 

Clean Windows

This might be a bit complicated so hire a professional. 

Add some Color

Prep your garden to plant some flowers. Paint your door. Give your house a mini makeover.


Check your outdoor bulbs. Replace any old bulbs and clean the fixtures.


Use a pressure washer or a regular hose to clean your driveway of any dirt or moss.

Trim branches

Get rid of any old dead shrubbery growing on your property.


Maintaining your home can increase your property value and save you money down the road. 

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March 7, 2018

Million dollar views of Victoria

Ever wonder what the view is like from some of the most luxurious buildings in downtown Victoria? I know I have.

Shoal Point

Shoal Point is in the perfect location to watch over the inner harbour. You can see everything from the seaplanes landing, the cruise ships coming in, or looking over the floating Fisherman’s Wharf neighbourhood. This building is part of Victoria iconic Skyline. 

No detail was left behind when building Shoal Point. The grand entrance with towering archways, lovely garden landscaping and tons of amenities are just a small part of this development. This building is luxury living at its finest.

Sovereign Luxury Condos

Located on Broughton st, Sovereign Luxury Condos offer breathtaking views and take luxury living to new heights. Wide plank hardwood floors, 100% wool carpets, granite countertops and luxurious bathrooms throughout all 36 units. Close to The Empress and the Union Club, this building offers both city and harbour views. 

This building all offers car elevators, first of its kind on Vancouver Island. The perfect example of smart luxury. 

The Falls

The penthouse of all penthouses can be found in The Falls. A two-story top floor condo located on Courtney St, this building is truly an oasis in the city. Features like a giant waterfall from the top of the towner to the ground level make this building stand out. The Falls offers everything from the outdoor pool, indoor gym, to a giant sun deck with tons of landscaping. 

Enjoy views of the city, mountain, and the harbour.  

Custom House

Coming soon is the Custom House building on 816 Government St. Located in the Inner Harbor; these condos will be high end in all aspects.  With views of the parliament building, they are well worth the price tag of up to 7 million. A mix of older architecture with high-end luxury finishes. 

Interested in knowing more about buildings that offer Million Dollar Views? Get in touch with us



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Feb. 16, 2018

Things you need to know about Canadian Real Estate in 2018

With 2017 being a record-breaking year for real estate, what are the projections for 2018? Will the price growth slow down? 

These questions seem to be on everyone’s mind. 

With the New Year, there will be new challenges and opportunities for housing. Here are some things to look out for this year.


All regions of Canada have seen some sort of change in the momentum for home sales.  Areas like Toronto and Vancouver are still the largest and hottest housing markets but Calgary and Edmonton are still recovering. 

As a long-term trend, some areas have seen a 58% increase in December, unlike other areas where there is only a 12.545% increase.  Different areas have had a different effect but everything seems to be on the incline. 

Stress Test

Becoming a homeowner has become a bit more difficult due to the new stress test in effect as of January 1st. All borrowers must qualify at a new minimum rate of 4.99% or 200 basis points higher than their mortgage rate. 

Read more about the Stress Test Here.

Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are also on the rise for 2018. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp expect mortgage rates to rise modestly from now to 2019. The posted five-year mortgage rate is expected to be between 4.9% – 5.7% this year and between 5.2% - 6.2% in 2019.

Sustainable Growth

For prospective home buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for your opportunity, this may be it.

After the routine, double-digit price growth in many markets, appreciation is expected to return to more sustainable level this year. REMAX forecasts price growth to be flat in some regions. 


Limited supply and worsening affordability challenges in single-family homes have made condominiums an increasingly popular housing choice. With tons of new developments coming up, 2018 will be the year of the condos. 





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Feb. 8, 2018

Millennials Feeling Left Behind

This is a tough time for all Millennials looking to get into the real estate market. Housing prices are on the rise, there is low inventory and mortgage rates are at an all-time high. This is a challenging time for all young adults to become homeowners. 

With challenges like these, many millennials have thought about leaving BC to find other cheaper options to live in. 

A recent provincial survey by Royal LePage released in August showed that Millennials age 25 to 30 who want to buy are simply unable too.  These buyers are facing limited inventory and high home values in regions like Toronto and Vancouver.  

This is causing Homeownership rate to drop.

According to 2016 Census data released by Statistics Canada, just over half (50.2%) of millennials who no longer lived with their parents were homeowners in 2016, compared to 55.5% of baby boomers back in 1981.

Statistics Canada also found that in the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), Vancouver had one of the highest proportions of households (32%) whose housing costs were considered unaffordable – meaning that families were spending 30% or more of their total family income on housing costs. With conditions like these, it’s easy to see why millennials have struggled to navigate Vancouver’s real estate market.

The Stress Test that came into effect on January 1 has caused another barrier for millennials. Read more about the Stress Test. 

So when is the right time for Millennials to jump into to market?

While some might advise being very cautious right now since to market has gone up 70% in past 3 years. Others might say the opposite and to get in sooner than later. 

It all comes down to feeling comfortable with the decision you make. Finding ways to pass these barriers and purchasing your home.

- Buying a condo instead of a home and building equity.

- Having a parent to co-sign for a mortgage

- Purchasing a property together with your friends


If you’re a Millennial and are feeling stressed about purchasing your home, Get In Touch with us and we can help answer some questions you may have.




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Feb. 3, 2018

New Developments in Victoria


With the average price of Condos and Single family on the increase and low inventory, there’s a ton of new developments coming up. Some that might change the skyline of Downtown Victoria.
If you’re in the market for a new build here is a small list we’ve put together of some new developments happening in Victoria.


Hudson Place One
777 Herald St
By: Townline 
Preconstruction Est. comp. 2020

Capital Park
James Bay
355 Menzies St
By: Concert and Jawl Properties Ltd.
Construction Est. comp. 2017

Downtown Victoria
515 Chatham St
By: Le Fevre and Company Property Agents

986 Heywood
986 Heywood Ave
By: Tri-Eagle Development and Jawl Residential

Yello on Yates
Harris Green
819 Yates St
By: Chard Development 
Construction Est. comp. 2018

The Yates on Yates
Downtown Victoria
848 Yates St
By: Chard Development 

Customs House
Downtown Victoria
816 Government St
By: Cielo Properties 
Preconstruction Est. comp. 2019

Black and White
1033 Cook St
By: Abstract Developments 
Construction Est. comp. 2018

The Janion
Downtown Victoria
1612 Store Street
By: Reliance Properties 
Completed in 2016

595 Pandora
595 Pandora Ave
By: Cielo Properties 
Completed in 2017

Jukebox Victoria
Harris Green
1029 View St
By: Mosaic Properties Inc 
Construction Est. comp. 2018

Horizon II at The Railyards
Victoria West
785 Central Spur Rd
Community: The Railyards
By: Le Fevre and Company Property Agents

989 Victoria
Harris Green
989 Johnson St
By: Cox Developments Ltd. 
Construction Est. comp. 2018

The Wade
1105 Pandora Ave
By: Amadon GroupFortress Real Developments, and Westwater Group 

Johnson Street Gateway
Downtown Victoria
1324 Wharf St
By: Reliance Properties 


BlueSky Victoria
North Park
1002 Pandora Avenue
By: BlueSky Properties


This is just a handful of New Developments happening in Victoria. There are tons more in the Langford/Colwood area.

For more information on any of these Developments Get In Touch with us. 


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Feb. 1, 2018

How to search for Properties in Victoria?

Times have changed! Gone are the days of contacting a Realtor and having them set you up on their email list for the most up to date properties.  No more emailing back and forth or playing phone tag to adjust your budget, or to change your desired neighbourhood.

With Victoria Real Estate being so hot, it’s crucial to be up-to-date with the MLS every time you search. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your next home.  Especially when the inventory is at an all-time low, you want to be the first person to know when a house gets posted on the MLS.

Current buyers are noticing a trend that if you don’t move fast on something you like, chances are you might lose it. Some listings are receiving multiple offers after only being on the market for a few days. First Come, First Served.

Get ahead of the game and take control of your search.
With a search engine like ours, you get all that plus more;

  • The ability to save your searches
  • Up to the minute with MLS
  • Favorite your properties and get updates on any price changes
  • Get Daily Notifications on new listings meeting your search criteria
  • And most importantly getting details/support on any listing just by a click.

Think of it as having your own real estate assistant but on steroids.

The best part is that when you start searching on our site, you are assigned your own Client Care Manager. Their job is you provide you with any kind of support; they can set up your search, make any adjustments, provide details on properties, or even schedule a showing.  

With support like that, you’ll never feel left behind in a fast market like todays.

Give it a try yourself. Let us know what you think!  



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Jan. 31, 2018

Steps to Buying Your First Home


It's 2018, another year has gone by and you’re still thinking about buying your first home. But questions like “Is this the right time to buy?” or “Can we afford it?” have been stopping you from making any decisions.
With the current market situation and the new mortgage rules, it’s normal for any first time home buyers to feel scared.


The best thing you can do is to talk to a Mortgage Broker and find out what you can afford.  This will give you a better understanding as to what kind of home you need to look for and when would be the best time to buy.
Having a professional mortgage broker can take off a lot of stress for any first time home buyers.  Their job is to find a mortgage term that is right for you with rates you can afford. From looking at your income, credit score, and any assets, your broker can determine how much you can get qualified for.
Your mortgage broker will also let you know how much of a Down Payment you need. This might mean you have to start saving more of source some cash.

Don’t have a Mortgage Broker? Contact Us and we’ll find one for you.


Once you have a number you’ve been prequalified for its time to being your search. You can start online; there are a few sites that let you search for what is on the market. Our site offers some great tools with up to the minute updates with the MLS.
By using an online search, you can get an understanding of what kind of home your money can get you. Maybe you can afford a condo or a townhouse for now or maybe you can afford a single-family home in a different neighbourhood that is a bit further away.  
Having an understanding can help will help you with your next step.

Use for listings search with the MLS.


Find a Buyer’s Agent. Select a few properties you’ve liked and get in touch with us. It was very important to speak to a Buyer’s Agent instead of a Listing Agent. The difference is, a Buyer Agents is someone who is working for you to help find the right home whereas a Listing Agent is working with the seller to sell their property as soon as possible.
When the time comes to making an offer, you want the realtor on your side.

Contact us to speak with some of the Best Buyer Agents in Victoria.


Turns out you’re not as far away as you thought from owning your first home. Having professionals working for you can help make the right decision that will benefit you in the future.
Make 2018 the year you buy your First Home.

We can help you through each step. Let's Chat!

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