Is it time to change up the colors in your home? With the summer right around the corner, painting walls and adding some new décor can give your home the makeover it needs.


Here are some 2018 Design trends you can use.

Floral Patterns are back

This timeless décor pattern can always freshen up the look of your home if used correctly. May it be on walls or pillow covers, floral patterns can make your home feel brighter.


Copper Accents

Metallic colors are in for 2018. The reds and orange tones around your home can give it an earthy hue.


Black & White

Black and white is another design trend that will never go out of style. The visual contrast of black and white provides a sense of balance and boldness in your home.


Tonal Reds

Warmer tones will be in for this year. Tonal red is a great way to add complimenting contrast while also providing the warmth that makes your home more inviting.

Concrete Accents

With an earthy trend for 2018, concrete is another material that provides a crisp, clean look. Not only for countertops but also for tiles is becoming very popular.


70’s Chic

Many old designs such as velvet, geometric patterns and bright colors are coming back into trend.  70’s chic décor is all warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. Styles like these will give your home an amazing personality.


Agate Wallpaper

2017 was the year when wallpaper was coming back into trend as this continues for 2018 Agate wallpaper can create a splash of colors in any room.


Natural Elements

2017 was a trend for tech-obsessed décor whereas 2018 is moving more towards natural elements.  Materials like stone, copper, granite, and concrete are earthy looks you want to go for.




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