The smell of spring cleaning is in the air, which means it’s time to get out the gardening tools, take the covers off the lawn furniture and clean the barbeque grill for those warm summer days. 

Here are a few things you should add to your spring cleaning list.

Cleaning Gutters

Grab a ladder, some gloves and a hose. Check your gutter for any leaves or debris left from fall and winter. Remove as much as you can with your hand and spray down the rest with the hose.  

Scrub any Exterior walls


Using and brush and a hose, find any moss and scrub it off any exterior walls. Usually, walls around trees of bushes can have moss build up making them look faded and old. 

Clean Windows

This might be a bit complicated so hire a professional. 

Add some Color

Prep your garden to plant some flowers. Paint your door. Give your house a mini makeover.


Check your outdoor bulbs. Replace any old bulbs and clean the fixtures.


Use a pressure washer or a regular hose to clean your driveway of any dirt or moss.

Trim branches

Get rid of any old dead shrubbery growing on your property.


Maintaining your home can increase your property value and save you money down the road.