Gardening can be hard work. All that digging, weeding, watering and fertilizing only to end up with dead plants every year.

Here are some tips to help you with a healthy lawn this season.


Planning a Design

Start off small, plant some pots that are easy to maintain. Once you get more comfortable, taking care of them becomes a habit then go big.
Create a layout that is easy to look after.

Less is more

Keeping things simple is always the best especially when you have limited time or energy.  Only set up a few pots that you like so you can finish sooner. No one likes a delayed law project.

Pick the right Plants

Finding plants that are low maintenance can be a huge benefit when you’re a busy person.  Start off with easy-to-grow edibles like lettuce that only take a limited amount of time to grow.

No-dig Gardens

Sometimes it’s best to avoid digging in order to plant. Try using raised beds, containers or straw bale gardens. This will help avoid any problems with soil or weeds that might contaminate your plants with pests.

Feed your Soil, Not your Plants

You can save money by taking care of the soil. Green manures, cover crops, worm castings, compost and mulches all break down to create rich soil which then helps grow healthy plants.

Work with Nature

Having a busy backyard might come in handy. All those insects, native birds, and soil microbes can lend a hand in helping your garden grow. Predator insects and birds keep pest insects and rodents under control.


Adding a layer mulch can save time and money. It helps keep out weeds, improves soil and prevents erosion.

Water Smart

Watering your garden doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Self-watering pots, wicking beds, upside-down plastic bottle drip systems, swales and soaker hoses are just a few options you can try.



These are just some tips to help you grown an easy trouble free garden. 


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