It's 2018, another year has gone by and you’re still thinking about buying your first home. But questions like “Is this the right time to buy?” or “Can we afford it?” have been stopping you from making any decisions.
With the current market situation and the new mortgage rules, it’s normal for any first time home buyers to feel scared.


The best thing you can do is to talk to a Mortgage Broker and find out what you can afford.  This will give you a better understanding as to what kind of home you need to look for and when would be the best time to buy.
Having a professional mortgage broker can take off a lot of stress for any first time home buyers.  Their job is to find a mortgage term that is right for you with rates you can afford. From looking at your income, credit score, and any assets, your broker can determine how much you can get qualified for.
Your mortgage broker will also let you know how much of a Down Payment you need. This might mean you have to start saving more of source some cash.

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Once you have a number you’ve been prequalified for its time to being your search. You can start online; there are a few sites that let you search for what is on the market. Our site offers some great tools with up to the minute updates with the MLS.
By using an online search, you can get an understanding of what kind of home your money can get you. Maybe you can afford a condo or a townhouse for now or maybe you can afford a single-family home in a different neighbourhood that is a bit further away.  
Having an understanding can help will help you with your next step.

Use for listings search with the MLS.


Find a Buyer’s Agent. Select a few properties you’ve liked and get in touch with us. It was very important to speak to a Buyer’s Agent instead of a Listing Agent. The difference is, a Buyer Agents is someone who is working for you to help find the right home whereas a Listing Agent is working with the seller to sell their property as soon as possible.
When the time comes to making an offer, you want the realtor on your side.

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Turns out you’re not as far away as you thought from owning your first home. Having professionals working for you can help make the right decision that will benefit you in the future.
Make 2018 the year you buy your First Home.

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