With 2017 being a record-breaking year for real estate, what are the projections for 2018? Will the price growth slow down? 

These questions seem to be on everyone’s mind. 

With the New Year, there will be new challenges and opportunities for housing. Here are some things to look out for this year.


All regions of Canada have seen some sort of change in the momentum for home sales.  Areas like Toronto and Vancouver are still the largest and hottest housing markets but Calgary and Edmonton are still recovering. 

As a long-term trend, some areas have seen a 58% increase in December, unlike other areas where there is only a 12.545% increase.  Different areas have had a different effect but everything seems to be on the incline. 

Stress Test

Becoming a homeowner has become a bit more difficult due to the new stress test in effect as of January 1st. All borrowers must qualify at a new minimum rate of 4.99% or 200 basis points higher than their mortgage rate. 

Read more about the Stress Test Here.

Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are also on the rise for 2018. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp expect mortgage rates to rise modestly from now to 2019. The posted five-year mortgage rate is expected to be between 4.9% – 5.7% this year and between 5.2% - 6.2% in 2019.

Sustainable Growth

For prospective home buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for your opportunity, this may be it.

After the routine, double-digit price growth in many markets, appreciation is expected to return to more sustainable level this year. REMAX forecasts price growth to be flat in some regions. 


Limited supply and worsening affordability challenges in single-family homes have made condominiums an increasingly popular housing choice. With tons of new developments coming up, 2018 will be the year of the condos. 


SOURCE: http://nexthome.yp.ca/news/5-things-to-know-about-canadian-real-estate-in-2018/1255132/